Qadir International, is a trading company active in the food industry, animal feed and offers the widest range of advanced, high quality plants and centennial trees.

Due to our many years of experience in this sector, we can rely on a broad network with many customers, partners and producers, with whom we have long been working together.  We believe that the market is subject to constant fluctuations and poses new challenges to everyone involved every day. Today you are our “supplier” and tomorrow maybe our “customer”.

We source, secure, manage, transport, and distribute products through our end-to-end supply chain while minimizing all related costs.

Qadir International facilitates the movement of goods through the Agricultural industry with a keen market sense and swift efficiency. As an international Agricultural trading company, we provide the highest quality and products sourced from small to large farms all over the world.

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Qadir International enhances the solid base of its supply chain with added-value and high-productivity investments.

Our success lies in getting the right products to the right location at the right time, to meet basic human and animal food needs all over the world and we pay particular attention to quality and selection of plants to ensure they match the caliber of the property in which they will be planted.

Qadir International business activities revolve around humility, honesty, diligence and above all people, growing on these foundations to become one of the most important sector players in the region while promoting environmental awareness for sustainable growth.

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