Qadir International offers multiple solutions for a sustainable fruit industry by connecting with all parts of the world all year round.

We bring the products of the four seasons at your hands on one day and every day, its supplies cover long lists of all types of exclusively fresh fruit. The company values emerge from its commitment to quality provision of highly selected products to meet the increasing demands for fruit.



Our live seafood is sourced from our partner fresh from our partner farms and accredited suppliers.

Our partners must be antibiotic free farms that use high quality inputs. Every shipment of fresh fish goes through an intensive quality and specification compliance.  Our close proximity to suppliers allows us to have time-based information that ensures our customers can make procurement decisions on time. Qadir International ensures fresh fish are handled correctly to protect our customers and the integrity of the product.  We continue to look for new sources of sustainable fish in different areas of the world.



Qadir International work in tight partnership with manufacturers of all types of Alfalfa and that gives us an ability to supply any customer with their specific needs offering a wide range of Alfalfa with a different packaging options suitable for container transport.

At Qadir International we applies a careful methodology when selecting suppliers and this diligent selection practice includes thorough quality checks, which is key for ensuring that the company is providing its end customers with products that meet their expectations and specific requirements across all seasons and all times of the year.

With our export operations strategically located in high Alfalfa production areas, Qadir International has the ability to supply all types of Alfalfa that will meet the needs of our customers.

Olive Trees

Qadir International brings the Mediterranean feeling to your estates. Olive trees have a very good weather adaptability and are one of the most loved plants for use in the composition of a landscape.

Once dug up and sold as luxury item for the wealthy, some of which are even planted by the Romans. This is the main attraction of these long-living trees that they have become a must-have luxury item.

Qadir International has the largest selection of ancient olive trees whether it is a single or monumental tree. We have been sourcing and supplying some of the largest and oldest olive trees up to 1500 years old. Qadir International suppliers from Mediterranean have the highest concentration of ancient olive trees in the world.