QADIR INTERNATIONAL is one of the fastest growing trading companies in the Middle East.

We are committed to generate well-being and prosperity through international trade by connecting cultures and opening up business opportunities.

As a company, we are firmly committed to offering our clients the best products. Our great competitive advantage is that we cover the entire chain. That is to say: production, sales and logistics.

Currently, we produce for example Ecuadorian premium bananas, mangos and other delicious fruits  on our own Hacienda and sell them  to client on a worldwide scale.

Our experience in the development of international business gives us a global vision, reducing uncertainty, time and costs. In order to fully develop our mission we have a multidisciplinary team of highly specialized professionals.

Today, internationalization is presented as the only alternative for competitive companies of any size. It opens up new horizons and means seeing clearly the new economic environment and taking advantage of the opportunities that exist within it.

At Qadir International we work with excellence to be recognized worldwide as a leading firm that is capable of satisfying the needs of our global clients. We are passionate about what we do, as we constantly review our services in light of customer feedback.


Francisco Peñaherrera
Executive Director